Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Ok, last Sunday was a very special day for me. Why was it a very special day for me? Well on this sunday I got to spend five hours at my boyfriend, Alex´s house with his family. I had so much fun!
At 11:00 in the morning he came to my house to pick me up. Then we took a taxi for about 30 minutes to the city that he lives in, Concepcion. When we got there I was sooooooooo nervous! Well we were walking down the road and his three little brothers ran over to meet us. Chrystopher is 12, Paul is 8 and Rai is 2. They were all so sweet! So we walked with them to their grandparents house. I was even more nervous! And then we turned the corner to the backyard and I was shocked, I was not just meeting his parents, I was meeting his parents, brothers, grandparents, aunt and cousin!Well as soon as I greeted all of them my nerves disapeared because they were all so nice and welcoming.
Soon after I arrived we all got up to play a game of volleyball. It was so much fun, I felt bad though, because I played horribly! Luckily no one seemed to mind (even though my team lost both times) :).
After our exciting vollyball match we sat and talked for a while. I got to learn a little bit about all of their personalities. Paul is crazy, but I love him! He has so much energy and is so curious and he asked me the most random questions, but I was smiling the whole time. Chrystopher is more reserved, but he is so sweet! He would sit there and try to explain everything that I did not understand.
Anyways, after vollyball we all went out to lunch. The resturant that we went to had really good food, of course I got Cebiche (it is one of my favorites!!). The whole first half of the meal none of us could really eat because we were all laughing so hard watching Rai try to eat his Jello. We eventually did manage to finish our meal though, then we listened to a man play us a few songs on this little flute then we went to Alex´s house.
When we got there it was almost time to go, but we did have time to eat dessert! Now what I am going to tell you just proves that Alex´s mom is the most thoughtful person in the world. Before going to her house I had only met her once and I don´t even remember talking about it, but some how she rememberd that I love the dessert called Turrone. And she had her husband bring back one of the best Turrones in Peru from Lima to eat with me on this particular Sunday. I was so touched! and of course the Turrone was DELICIOUS!!!!!!
After that,I had to say goodbye to all of them. It was so cute because Paul almost cried! They told me that I was welcome to come back any time that I wanted and I know that I definatly will!
On the ride home our first cellectivo broke down in the first two minutes so Alex and I had to walk back to get another one. We did not really talk much, mostly because I spent the trip looking out the window at the mountains.
Overall that day gets a 9 out of 10. It does not get a 10 because it was to short!
I had a BLAST!!

Oh yeah. SO I am trying very very hard to get my pictures up, but there are some problems that I have to figure out how to work around. I Promise that I will find a way to get some posted soon!


PS: Please leave comments, even if they are just to say hi, because I miss you all so much!


  1. lindsey i am soo glad that everyone there is so nice and they all seem to love you! (naturally of course haha) your boyfriend sounds soo sweet and so does his family! Im jealous, your life sounds so exciting right now! miss u, luv yah,

  2. that sounds so fun :D im glad youre having fun times. and the scenery sounds like its probably amazing, i really wanna see it! lol

    <3 Natalie <3

  3. So, you're bringing home desserts for us right? Right????

  4. sure! I will send you some

    <3 Lindsey

  5. Hi Lindsey,
    I'm so sad. I thought I was the only man in your life. Oh, well, I guess I will have to settle for North America.

    Here is a riddle for you: A woman had some silver that she did not want. She did not sell it. She did not give it away. She paid someone to take it. Why?
    Take care of yourself.

    Dr B

  6. AWWW don´t be sad Doc, we broke up anyways. and hmmmm, was the silver her braces and she paid the orthodontist to take them off??? and even if that is not right, that is a really good guess.

    TE EXTRAÑO!!!!!


  7. unless the woman had the silver in her hair.


  8. So when can we expect to see the next post?