Thursday, October 8, 2009


So I realize that I have now mentioned combi´s a few times now and you probably have no idea what they are. So I will explian them to you the best that I can.
So you all know those vans in the USA that fit like 10 people, well combi´s are a little bit bigger then those, but not much. They have 4 rows of seats. There is one long seat in the back, then three rows of a bench for two-space- then a seat for one like this --_- (the dashes are seats and the underscore is the aisle. So the best place to sit is the front single seat. Because then you do not have to be pushed against someone else, you have leg room, and if it is really crowded it is easy to get off.

the first row deas not have a single seat because that is where to door is.

Ok so now that you know the set-up of these combi´s I will explain how they work.
It takes two people to operate a combi, one person drives and the other person leans out the door and yells the name of the route and tells the driver where the passengers need to get off, this person also collects the money.
Now these are not like in the USA because they do not have designated stops, when you want to get off you tell the caller and if you want to get on you have to flag them like a taxi.

Once you get on, you better hold on because you are in for quite a wild ride. The drivers do not obey any of the common rules of the road, they love to honk at anything and everything, and they are usually really really crowded so it is really hard to get on and off.
Sounds like fun right!
I use one to get home everyday.
But oh yeah, one more thing, it costs 30 centimos to get home from school, in dollars that is about, .10 cents.

Combi´s are one of those things that you learn to love.

By the way I have all of the stuff for my camera so I should be able to upload photos soon!



  1. Yayyyy I can't wait to see pictures! :)

    <3 Natalie

  2. sounds funn! haha cant wait 2 c those pics! check ur email 2, im sending pics 2 u!!!!