Monday, September 28, 2009

A day in the life of me

So I realized that what I now consider to be normal is very different then what I used to. So I am going to describe a normal day here.

1. I wake up at about 6:30 every morning and get dressed into my uniform. I put on my make-up (very minimal) and put my hair up ( which is required)
2. I go to the kitchen and wait to see what kind of juice we will be drinking this morning ( I have had, strawberry, mango, papaya, orange, and about six others that I do not know the name of) breakfast is usually bread with jelly, ham. or egg.
3. After I brush my teeth I am off to school! Most mornings my father drives me and my sister, but sometimes I have to take a collectivo (it is like a taxi, but it has a certain route and just collects people as it goes).
4. I get to school and before I can enter my class room we all have to line up into a formation were we say prayers every morning.
5. I get to my classes and unload all of my stuff into my desk because I do not ever have to change class rooms, the teachers are the ones that change. And everytime a teacher enters we have to stand up.
6. I do not understand most of my classes so I just try to follow along the best that I can.
7. Now we do not have lunch during school, we have a half hour break that is like snack time for us at 11:00. We can purchase snacks or just hang out and talk to all of our friends (this is a great time for me to catch up with the other exchange students)
8. I go back to the class room and finish up not understanding anything. But it is not that bad because I have a lot of friends that always want to help me. Before school ends I always spend some time joking around with the boys that sit behind me. Then we line up in formation again before we get to leave.
9. Then I ride in a combi (it is like a really small bus) and walk home with my boyfriend (he likes to make sure that I get home safe everyday).
10. When I get home at about 2:45, I change my clothes and eat lunch with Mama. We eat rice every luch with differnt potatoes and chicken and soups.
11. Then I help clean up and I go to the shop with them to wait for my sister.
12. At about 8 or 9 we come home and I work on my homework until dinner which is at about 9:30.
13. Dinner is always really small, we usually just finish what ever we ate for lunch that day.
14. I go on the computer and check my e-mail and finish my homework.
15. At about 10:00 I go to bed and start all over the next day.



  1. heyy, that does sound different from my day! haha, but it sounds more exciting though, im just so bored every day! haha. But i thought your sister went to your school though???

  2. I enjoyed the insights into your day. It helps us all feel a little closer to you.

  3. this makes me want juice :)

    hahh it sounds like your life is going pretty darn well lindsey! im so glad. i still miss you tho :)


  4. Oiga - has tomado jugo de guanabana todavia? Es un pedazo del cielo! Tu dia es muy diferente de los dias en EEUU - pero conozco tu dia en Peru! Fue dificil acostumbrarme al horario de comer y al tipo de comida. Pero despues de un tiempo, me parecia normal y ahora me siento mejor comiendo asi! Keep up the adventurous attitude!

    Sra. Vallejo

  5. Lindsey,
    Un novio? Que es esto? Cuidado chica - tu estas in Peru para estudiar matematicas, idiomas - no chicos!

    Pienso que es "awesome" que tu no necesitas cambiar la clase, pero que los maestros cambian clases en lugar del estudiantes. Que ingenioso!
    Donde estan las photographias? Me muero de curiosidad!

    Te aman mas que tu sabes!
    Sra. Tammy, Maria, Nancy, y Mannie (y Sr. Tom tambien).
    Escribe pronto:

  6. hey lindsey sounds like your having fun just to let u know we got your letter and i miss you a lot, and what am i going to do with the maniacs during thanksgiving! HELP!!

    i miss you lots, love,

    P.S. you got hit by a "peruvian" spicy tun roll