Tuesday, September 22, 2009

short, but really funny

Last Friday was just another ordinary day at school. Lots of classes that I don´t understand, lots of teachers that I don´t understand, and lots of gossip that I don´t understand. Now, I need to sidetrack for just a minute and describe the doors in Peru. The doors here only have latches on one side, so if you are on the other side you have to knock or a have a key to enter. Ok back to the story. Well it was english class and I am just chilling and helping everybody, when I notice my friend Jesus is knocking at the door. So I look around and no one is getting up to open the door for him. So I wait a second, then trying to be polite I go over and open the door for him. Now in the USA it does not mean anything when a girl opens the door for a guy, it is just polite and nice, I asumed that it was the same everywhere, silly me. As soon as he steps into the room, the whole class bursts out in whistles and screams. I am very confused. So I go back to my desk and turn to my friend Alicia and ask her to explain. What I soon found out is that in Peru if a girl opens the door for a guy it means that she "likes" him. I was embarrased for about a minute, but I got over it.

There are a few upsides to this story
1. I learned a social rule of Peru
2. It was really funny
3. It entertained all the boys in the class for about 30 seconds
4. I learned that the boys in my class are really good at whistling



  1. You seem to be learning about everyone's whistling skills a lot...lol


  2. lol you must be like amazing at english class though right?

    i miss you chica!

  3. Ah the joys of cultural diversity. Enjoyed this one. Looking forward to the next.... 'platanos'...


  4. haha, thats really funny, i would have died of embarassment!!!

  5. Good for you Lindsey - you kept a positive attitude for your first awkward situation. That will keep you going!:)

    Sra. Vallejo