Tuesday, September 8, 2009


well, today was a much better day than yesterday. I spent the morning reading in the sun with was so peaceful. Then mama took me to the high school that I will be attending, I got my text books and almost died; then are all in spanish! Then we went to all these little shops that sell a whole buch of typical Peruvian stuff. Mama bought me a little toy gymnast and she like to call him my first friend in Peru :). I think that I am finally starting to kinds adjust to living here. I honestly can not imagine anything that is more different from the USA. I want to be home so bad, but I do not want to leave. Oh well, hopefully school will make the days go by faster. I will keep you posted.



  1. Hey Lindsey. Happy to hear you have a good host family and that there are other students who will be attending the same school with you. Can't wait to follow you adventures over the next 10 months. Be smart and be safe. We love you! talk to you soon. The Mascis Family

  2. Lindsey, Hello from PA. Just like the wizard of OZ, there's no place like HOME. I'm sure you will get busy with school and other adventures and the time will fly by. Jack and I were happy to see you at Tina's Party before you left. Be safe and think twice before you do anything.

  3. Aww, im glad that you have such a great host family! Im glad you're starting to adjust. I miss you!
    -Rebecca :)