Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dance practice

Ok so on Thursday, I was asked by some of my classmates if I wanted to join a competitive dance group at the school. Of course I accepted the offer. All I knew was that we were learning some type of tradtional dance. So on Saterday I walk to the school where we are meeting and I only know a few boys from my class. We are leughing and joking, then we have to start running for a warm-up. At first it was really easy, then after about 30 seconds I realized that there is no oxygen in the mountains *my pace slows*. Then at one point in time I realize that I am barly breathing, so I decide to walk, and the boys that were running with me did not want me to feel left out so they walked with me. So we are streching and everyone is amazed at how flexible I am. :) Then we start dancing, all I can think is Oh My God what did I get myself into. It was so fast with so many steps and I could barly keep up. But everyone kept encouragin me and I caught on pretty quickly. Then after about an hour and a half we had a little break. The boys were commenting on my flexibilty, so I showed them my splits, they freaked out! They were all trying and it was one of the funniest moments in Peru so far. So practice is over and I am exhausted and I have to walk back to the shop.
Well the four boys from my class decided that they were all going to walk with me for "saftey". This was also very funny because they were all pretending to be my secret service and one of them would go ahead to "clear the area"; I was very amused. But the best part was when we were getting close to the shop we decided to play a trick on Mama and I linked arms with them to pretend that I had 4 boyfriends. You should have seen my mother´s face when I walked into the shop surrounded by four boys and I said "Hola Mama, yo tengo cuatro enamorados". Translation- Hello Mama, I have four boyfriends. She just kinda stared for a second before realizing that it was a joke. Then one of them explained that they were walking with me for safety and that they are my friends. I will never forget that!
I am so excited for my next dance practice! Our costumes are going to be amazing and we are going to kick butt at competition!


  1. haha, thats really funny! Im glad you're taking a dance class so you can keep up on ur flexibilty and strength and stuff. I hope you get walked home for "safety" again! haha, sounds like so so so much fun!

  2. Lindsey
    Sabemos que tu traeras una americana flair del baile y la competicion.

    Te amamos!
    Sr. Tammy, Mary y Nancy
    y Mannie!

  3. hahhh yayyy i like these stories, i wanna hear more