Sunday, September 13, 2009

The market

Now when you think of the market you think of this happy little place with a whole buch of happy little people selling a whole bunch of happy little fruits. Well, the people there are mostly happy and they are definatly little, but it is no so small and the fruit is most definatly not happy. So I walk up to what I think is this normal row of shops, boy was I wrong, you enter a shop and it is like you are transported to another place full of people yelling ranbom stuff that you don´t know and a whole buch of chicken heads being chopped off. Every direction you face there is some type of different activity going on *what did I get my self into*. Mama is watching me, waiting for any type of reaction. Waiting with anticipation and then...just when she thinks I am going to run home screaming.....I smile. Now this smile is not just a little I am happy smile. This is a OH MY GOSH THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING; CRAZIEST; MOST INTENSE (just like the circus) PLACES I HAVE EVER BEEN TO smile.
I can not control my eyes, they are hypnotized by all the colors and sounds and smells. Sounds like, lound banging of chicken being cut and the heaving plodding of bags being dropped and the constant shuffling of feet going in every direction. There are so many differnt fruits and vegatable nad potatoes, every color you can imagine and even the colors you can´t imagine. Every grain, and meat and seafood and... and just everyting you could ever want to eat. So we set off into the abys *clings to mama´s arm* in search of onions and god knows what else. People stare, I am the tallest and my hair is not black. We are lost in this black hole of food for what seems like 5 days (it really only felt like 10 mintutes, but I like being dramatic). Then like a shark leaping out of the water to catch its pray, we emerge! *huge deep breath* Am I alive? I slowly look over my body to make sure that all of my limbs are attached. Feet, check; Legs, check; Hands, check; Fingers, check; Head......head...HEAD....OMG WHERE DID MY HEAD GO!!! oh wait there it is, on my neack right where it is supposed to be, as opposed to sticking out of my stomach, where it is not supposed to be. The whole experience was incredible! I hope that I did it justice, because it is really a wonderful place. *contented sigh*


  1. im glad being in Peru hasn't changed you too much... "but I like being dramatic"

    hahh keep writing!


  2. OMG sounds soooo fun! i wish i was there!u know, i had the weirdest dream last night that me and the whole acro team was in Peru with you, and u kept talking in Spanish and we didnt know what u were saying! haha, it was very strange. Im glad your having fun! How was you first day of school? luv yah,

  3. Did you hear the one about the circus? Nevermind, it was over your head...wait...

    <3 Kelly (duh)