Tuesday, September 15, 2009

First day of school

Ok, so people may think that GCS has a strict dress code, NOT EVEN CLOSE! The uniform that I have to wear is so much more extreme! The skirt has to be 2 fingers below my knees, the socks come up to my knees, I have to wear a jacket, AND a little tie thing, that is the most uncomfortable thing in the whole world. I will post picture eventually. Anyways, I wake up early on monday morning, and get dressed, then I eat as much breakfast as i can handle, i was really nervous. When I got there I waited for about 10 minutes before the other exchange students showed up. We had to get introduced to the whole school, and then, SURPRISE, we have to talk infront of the entire school! And guess who had to go first, yup, thats right, me! It was actually really funny though, because when I was walking up to the microphone all of the boys were whistling. Of course i forgot all of my spanish at that point in time and I made a fool out of myself, but everything turned out ok. So I get put into my classroom and to my surprise everyone wanted to sit next to me. I made so many friends in the first two minutes! I did not understand one word that any of the teachers said, and some of the teachers did not even ackowledge the fact that I was there, but I had a lot of fun. During this one point in time when we were waiting for our next teacher, every single boy in the entire class was around my desk, every one! It was really cute, they would all tell me their names and then cheer if i could remember one. :) Everyone is so nice! Everyone always wants to help me and to ask me questions about english. It is really entertaining, because at free time with teh whole school, I can always catch a few boys staring at me, so I stare back and they blush and turn away, It is really cute.
Yes, I did have homework on my first day, and yes, it was in spanish, and no, i did not understnad a word of it.
Each day is getting better and better, soon I will be fluent in spanish, then all of you are going to have to translate every owrd like I have to, HA.



  1. AWW! Im so glad you made friends. You'll get one of those peruvian guys in no time! Im actually kind of jealous! haha, just kidding :P. Im glad you're having fun, sounds like such an adventure, school here is just boring. Just remember, im not good at languages so remember your english!

  2. awww don´t worry, i don´t think that I could forget English! And yes, it is a lot of fun. And yes I will have one of those Peruvian boys in no time :) Like 4 different people have told me that a whole bunch of boys want to ask me out ;) but I want one in the grade above mine so I can go to prom!!!!!

  3. Cuidado con los ninos chica!

    Y no hable mucho engles o no pueadas aprender espanol muy bien.

    Te Amo!
    Sra. Tammy
    Mary y Nancy y Mannie

  4. yayy i like this!
    i like that school is alright for you, and like actually interesting and fun. and i like that you have friends. and i like that youre already getting all the attention you could want lol.
    i like you being happyy =]


  5. Querida Lindsey,

    Maybe before becoming fluent in Spanish, you should master a few finer points of English. When referring to yourself, I is generally capitalized. Spelling is good too. I will excuse these mistakes by assuming Spanish is already taking over your brain and English is becoming something trivial.

    That is all.

    Kelly :)