Wednesday, September 9, 2009


ok, last night (Tuesday) was my best night so far. My sister, Prilu came home from school and we made dinner for ourself because our parents were at the store. When Mama and Papi came home I gave them one of the gifts that I had bought them and they all loved it! Then we sat around the table huddled up in blankets and joked around. They gave me an alpaca hat with ear flap to try on, I looked rediculous, but it was sooooo funny, of course i have a picture. Then we were joking about how at school all of the boys will line up to help me with my homework and to take me out, this is Mama´s favorite thing to joke about.
Today (Wednesday) when I woke up Mama was not here, all of her stuff was, but not her. I called her name and started to get really worried. Turns out she just had to run to the market for some fruit. Then we went to a store so I could be measured for my uniform ( I start school on Monday!!!!). And then we ran around town tying to find my sweats for PE. It was such a great morning!



  1. Lindsey,
    Recuerdas que Dios tiene el plano especial por ti. Tu vas a tener muchos tiempos divertidas! Este es una experienca de tu vida!

    Tu eres in mi corzazon, mi hija.
    Te amo,
    Sra. Tammy

  2. Im glad that you're having such a great time! Send me that picture of u with the hat! Good luck at school on Monday!