Friday, September 11, 2009

fresh lemonade

Ok, so on Thursday morning I got up pretty early (which I have been doing a lot lately) and ate my favorite breakfast, fryed sausages and a pastry with strawberry jelly. Then Mama and I went to my high school to get my schedual and ask about the length of my skirt, it has to be BELOW my knees!!!!! I almost died! The best part of my day was right before lunch when I went to the market for the first time, I thought that it was huge, but according to Mama and Prilu it was tiny. We had to get fish and the lady cut the fish in half, length wise, including the head. While we were waiting for her to clean the fish Mama and I played with the shrimp that were there (they still had all their legs and eyes and everything) and made little shrimp puppets that talked to each other; people laughed at us :). Then we came back to the house to prepare lunch, I got the most important job, to make the lemonade.
Now, this lemonade is not the silly stuff that comes out of a can like in the USA, no it is the real deal fresh, made from water, lemons and sugar. So I went to work carfully squeezing each lemon to get the exact amount of juice needed. Now the lemons in Peru are not for the faint of heart, these are hardcore, little, green peruvian lemons (very sassy). So after the pain staking task of squeezing the lemons I had to measure the suger. Now you may think that this is an easy task, WRONG!!! You see, if you don´t put enough in then it is sour, and no one wants to drink lemonade that is too sour. But if you put to much in then it is too sweet, and no one wants to drink lemonade that is sickly sweet. So I had to put one spoonful at a time, very slowly; I can see mama watching me out of the corner of her eye *gulp*. Another spoonful, then another, then... STOP, no wait I need more *deep breath*. Just one more and.....BAM! PERFECTION! I had successfuly created probably the most delicious lemonade ever to exist on this wonderful plant we call earth. Each sip was heaven in liquid form. It had a taste so radiant that you were worried that once it was gone you would have nothing to live for!
Needless to say everyone loved it and I passed the test.

The rest of my day was pretty low key after that episode, hanging out in the shop, meeting Prilu´s brother, and buying shoes.
I can not wait for school on Monday, I am kind of freaking out, but I am really excited too.



  1. well congratulations with that lemonade! you'll have to make me some when u get back! haha. Good luck at school on Monday! luv yah

  2. Those hardcore lemons sound pretty awesome and, I must say, I wasn't surprised that you were in the market making puppets out of shrimp. Sounds just like you!

  3. I want some Sassy lemonade!

  4. That sounds so fun :)

    And I'm glad you haven't had to eat an guinea pigs or anything yet. lol shrimp and fish are definitely better :)