Sunday, September 13, 2009


On Saturday morning I woke, just like any other day, BUT, it was not anyother day. Saturday is the day that I met all of Prilu´s friends. So I wake up early and peel myself out of bed. Now normaly I don´t worry to much about how I look, but I had to look perfect. Every hair has to be in place, every eyelash perfectly coated with mascara. So it is time for breakfast. cut the bread, spread the jam, fry the sausage, WAIT, darn, I overcooked them again. GOOD MORNING PRILU, she woke up late. Now we pile ourselfs into the car, I am confident???? Anyways we drive up to the futbol field where they will be for the games today. *bead of sweat* we are here. I say goodbye to Papi and in an instant I go from nervous, to super excited, I can feel my heart beating from my head to my feet, and then POW! I am engulfed in a flurry of greetings and kisses and so so many names, Leslie, no wait, your Danielle, or are you Sophia, no she is Sophia, you are......oh well its not important I will just smile and nod. The next hours are so much fun, watching all of the futbol, and cheering for our team!My eyes can not help but to dart from place to place. Now this may sound like all fun and games, and well technically it is, but when you are surrounded by a whole bunch of people talking in a language you barely know and everyone is constantly staring at you because you are the only one with hair that is not black, things can get pretty intense (like the circus :)). *sigh* it is time to go. I honestly had so much fun, I got really sunburned, but I had so much fun!


  1. Lindsey,
    Boy, do you like to exaggerate "Now normally I don't worry about how much I look...."! :)

    I SO needed a chuckle today! Seriously, I love all your vivid writing - I'm transported back to my study abroad trip in Salamanca, Espana!

    Ms. Tammy

  2. so is it like the school team or just some random soccer team?

    and i bet your spanish is getting so much better already :)


  3. awww, im soo glad you're making tons of new friends! i knew you would, just dont 4get your old ones :). U do exaggerate a lot but i like it, it makes what im reading all the more interesting :)! luv yah,