Sunday, December 20, 2009

Visa adventure!!!

So I was sitting at home on a normal wednesday night, I don´t even remember what I was doing, when all of a sudden the phone rang, I thought nothing of it....little did I know.
So my dad answers and is talking for a while, I thought he had hung up, but then he tell me that the president of AFS here in Huancayo is on the phone for me. I just figured that it was another meeting or another trip, BOY WAS I WRONG!
So she starts talking about the city of Lima and then my visa and I did not really understand at first, but then she starts talking about a city called Tumbes. Now at first I thought that she was saying that I was changing cities for my two week exchange in January (all of the exchange students are going to change cities for 2 weeks to get to know another part of the country). But then she said that I was leaving on Monday! Then I finally understod the issue. There is a problem with my visa, and in order to fix it I had to go to Tumbes, I soon found out that Tumbes is partly in Peru, but aslo has parts in Ecuador. yes Ladies and Gentalmen, I was getting kicked out of a country! How many people can say that!!!!
So the next two days leading up to my trip I was feeling horrible. I did not want to travel the 8 hours to lima and then 20 hours to Tumbes in a bus! Well when I got to Lima they were all very worried about my health, so I actually did not end up going to Ecuador, I stayed in Lima for 4 days to get tests done. I actually enjoyed my visit because I got to see the beach for the first time in months, I got to wear flip-flops and short sleeves and not get yelled at, and I found out that for my two week exchange I am going to be living in one of the richest districts in Peru!!!!
So then when they found out that there is actually nothing wrong with me but a gigantic overload of stress, I was allowed to go home!
The bus ride back was actually not miserable, I did not get car sick or anything!
Well eventually I do have to leave the country, sooner rather then later, so that will be another adventure!

Mrs. Tammy- I have found the Peruvian version of you while I was in Lima! She was in AFS too, she loves God and Jesus, AND she is the first peruvian I have met that is Baptist! I am going to give her your e-mail if that is ok!!

Love you guys!!!


  1. ahhh so much excitement! :)
    well im glad it all worked out, it sounds like everything keeps turning out okay.

    keep having fun adventures <3

  2. why would you be getting yelled at?

  3. Mi amiga preciosa!
    Que adventura! Me preocupado sobre tu y praying por tu mucho mas. Puedes obtener tu visa?

    Estoy alegre que tu encontrar "yo" in Peru! Dios es bueno, no? Esta bien si tu das a ella mi email, pero puedas a ella hablando in ingles? (porque mi espanol es malo).

    Te amo muchisimo!
    Sra. Tammy

  4. Aha! You would get kicked out of a country :)
    - Jayde

  5. MERRY CHRISTMAS, LINDSEY. I am glad you are doing better. I do miss seeing you at church. I have some candy for your Christmas present. I will eat it for you........... :-)

    Dr B