Monday, March 29, 2010

sorry it took so long!

what an....adventure. I am so sorry that I have not posted anything for a while. I was pretty sick so I had to be hospitalized in a clinic for about five days. I must say, it was not the horrible experience that I imagined it would be. I did not enjoy it, but I did have cable TV and the nurses were really nice to me, so I am not complaining. The doctor said that I had an infection in my throat and the effects spread to the rest of my body.. Not quite sure what that means, but I had blood drawn 6 times, 4 shots, 2 IVs, and one biopsi, so it ust have been bad. I am much better now, I left on Saterday and I am currently staying with the AFS president in Huancayo until I am fully recovered.
I am very excited because I start a new high school tomorrow. I am not changing schools because I did not like San Juan Bosco (my old school) I just want to have some new experiences and get to know some new people in my last few months here in Peru. I am going to a school called Maristas. It is a new school, it just opened 2 years ago, so it is still very small. About 50 students. Or thats what I heard at least. I have actually not been there yet, so tomorrow is going to be very exciting.
I am also beginning to think that I am going to be changing families...again. But that us still up in the air, no one really knows what is going to happen yet.
I can not wait to tell you all about my first day in my new school!!!!
Love you guys!!!

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  1. You sound like you're in good spirits. That is great to hear.

    What do you think of the experience so far? Has it changed you? Has it been 'worth it'?