Tuesday, May 18, 2010


As most of you probably know, I am home. I have been home for over a month now. AFS recieved a recomendation from the doctor saying that I needed to return to the USA, so here I am. It all happened very quickly, I only had a day to get all of my stuff ready and to go shoppoing and to do everything that I wanted to do, of course I was not able to do everything or to say goodbye to everyone. Leaving was one of the hardest things that I have ever had to do in my entire life. It was like I was torn from everything I knew and thrust back into the unknown. Just like when I first got there.
I will never forget my experience. I have made life long friends and I now have connections in an amazing country. I have learned a language that I am now fluent in. I have seen places that most people can only dream of or see on post cards. I have learned things that I will need for the rest of my life.
I do not consider myself to be fully American anymore, becuase I know that I am and always will be part Peruvian. Peru has become part of who I am and who I will become.
Since I have been home I have become very busy. I am doing camps, working 2 jobs, taking summer classes, getting my drivers liscense. But I am also starting a fundraiser, it is called Adopt A Desk, and it was set up to help the second school that I went to, Maristas. To learn more about it, please visit the website at adoptadesk.webs.com which should be up and running by the weekend. I will keep everyone posted on that.

So as soon as I got to Peru I started thinking of how I would end my blog, the end of my time in Peru, and I have found a suitable quote that I think sums everything up.

I came, I saw, I conquered - Julius Ceaser

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