Monday, November 2, 2009


In Peru, everything is different then in the USA. And I know that I have said that everything is different, but I have not explained how. So now I am going to make a huge long list of everything that is different....

* People here greet each other with a kiss when they say hello and when they say goodbye.
* Public transportation is the main way to get around, barely anyone owns a car.
* After you go inside the fron door of a house, you are usually still outside and are not inside untill you enter a room. Every house has parts out side ( my "backyard" is in the middle of my house)
* The schools here are completely enclosed by walls.
* The only trees are in the parks
* There are stray dogs EVERYWHERE
*In resturants you do not pay at the table, you get a bill and bring it up to the front register to pay.
* Students never change classrooms, it is the teachers that change.
* The only type of paper used in notebooks is graph paper.
*Most shops here are just one little room about 15 by 15 ft sometimes less.
* Most of the houses have tiny little doors that you have to duck to get into
* Kids that are poor can go into resturants and go table to table begging for money.
*There are poor people on every street corner.
* Guys here love to whistle at girls (expecially if they are blond)
* Everyone knows how to prepare rice.
* We eat rice with almost every meal.
* We drink some type of hot water with every meal.
* We do not eat lunch in school
* Breakfast is usually bread
* Every school has a uniform, even the public ones
* The dial tone for telephones is one long beep

There are many more, so I will post another list later with more detail, but right now I have to go to my dance practice :)



  1. wow, that is different, i can't imagine what life would be like here if guys actually whistled at girls! haha im just kidding but a lot of that stuff is very different, but it sounds like you are adjusting really well, good luck! miss u luv yah,

  2. Another thing that is different: you are there and not here. Miss you and love you

  3. ...don't guys everywhere like to whistle at girls? I suppose what you mean is that they actually do it, lol

    Hope you're having fun and planning on a way to get a llama back to the US for me. I expect it.

  4. SO nice to hear about your adventures again!

    Tu amamos